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ELR Shooting, (elevation corrections) 

Precision Rifle Shooting, Left, Right or inbetween 

Factory or Custom? rifles for accuracy

The Best ELR Cartridge???

Practical Application for ELR shooting

Shoot a better group

ELR Precision Shooting (fitness)

ELR Scope set up and choices

Bipod shooting

ELR Precision Rifle Set Up (4AW Style)

Bipods, how to use them (4AW style)

Gain Twist Barrels (some thoughts)

Hand Loading Data (how to find a starting load) 

Handy tool for a Rifle Man

How to choose a rifle calibre/cartridge

LONG RANGE HUNTING some thoughts/help 

4AW Targets and .243 at 1400yards

How to set up a scope for Long Range shooting

Best caliber to start/learn long range/precision rifle shooting?

How to use your DOPE

Shooting from a Mat

Monopods and ELR/Precision Shooting??? 

Coriolis Effect for ELR Shooting 

Muzzle threads, Barrel twist and an introduction to our 6.5 GAP RSAUM v 6.5-06AI builds

Does Size Matter?


ELR Comps and our 5000+ shots (some thoughts)

Fighting the flinch

Best rifle scope for ELR shooting (some ideas to improve)

4AW Extreme Long range prone shooting technique (Video 1)

4AW Extreme Long range shooting tips (Video 2)

Lead core v solid for ULR, Coriolis and Calls

4AW ELR Tips on Bags and Holdover

Understanding Long Range Shooting with MIRAGE

4AW FAQ's (Barrel Break in and Trigger Follow Through) 

Adjustable Scopes Bases (Just some thoughts on the subject)

Handloading 4AW style (reload)

4AW Cameras and Gear

Muzzle brakes v muzzles brakes, not all work the same!! 

Spotting target hits at 5k's (4AW testing)

4AW ELR shooting and bits chat

How to use DOPE to improve your cold bore shots.

Some FAQ's and what's the best caliber? 

Some Secrets to ELR/ULR Shooting

Shooting with a Bipod on a Bench

Rifle/Barrel cleaning for ELR 4AW style